Linseed (Flaxseed) Pizza Base

This is a paleo friendly, grain free pizza base that turned out surprisingly crunchy. Feel free to experiment with whatever healthy toppings you wish. I put tomato, mushroom, green olives, green beans and a little sprinkling of cheese on mine which was a yummy combo.

If you can’t find ground linseed buy whole linseeds and grind them in a coffee grinder.

Makes 1 large pizza

Base ingredients

1 cup ground linseed (flaxseed)
2 tbsp coconut flour (or 4 tbsp almond meal)
1 clove garlic, minced Continue reading

Guest Interview: Andrea Cox + Tall Goddess Tahini Dressing Recipe


I am delighted to present to you this week’s Gorgeous Guest: Andrea Cox of I have been following Andrea’s website and YouTube channel for some time now and always look forward to watching her videos as she always has great health tips, recipes and words of wisdom to share.

Andrea is a model, health guru, published author, holistic healer, celebrity raw food chef and runs cleansing raw food juice fasting retreats in Southern California. A retreat that I am dying to attend one day!!! Continue reading

Almond Swirl Banana Fudge

This fudge is so tasty, I made this for mum to take to work and I have to say I’m glad she did otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing. The only mistake I made with this was leaving it in the fridge overnight and not the freezer which meant it was a bit messy. So definitely store this in the freezer.

Banana fudge layer
2 bananas
3/4 cup coconut butter or oil, melted (the butter gives it more of a fudgy consistency)
¾ cup cashews Continue reading

Orange Macadamia Chocolate Truffles

orangeThese really need no introduction but I will do one anyway. If you love orange infused chocolate then you will absolutely love these. They are the perfect treat for when you have a chocolate craving.

You can either buy macadamia nut butter or you can make your own. Here is a good recipe on how to make it. You could also try making the truffles with cashew nut butter if you can’t get your hands on some macadamia nuts.

Makes around 20 small truffles Continue reading

Butter Chicken made with Cauliflower Cream

This is a bit of a healthier spin on the traditional butter chicken recipe. I was surprised at how well the texture turned out and how similar it tasted  to traditional butter chicken. The spices were what made this dish especially tasty, so I would recommend getting a good butter chicken spice mix but make sure the ingredients have no added sugar or preservatives. I used the Herbies Butter Chicken Spice Mix which was made up of paprika, cumin, coriander, turmeric, Continue reading