Orange Vanilla Bark

Do you ever feel like a sweet treat before bed but don’t want something with cacao in it to keep you up all night? Well then, this vanilla bark is for you!
It’s great to keep in the freezer for whenever your sweet tooth is calling. It’s also super easy and quick to make.

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Interview: Cheeta Recovery Owners Michael & Jon


I love it when you come across a brand that not only sells a product you love but also has a great philosophy behind it. This is why I love Cheeta Recovery, they have great compression wear that don’t cost a bomb (which is a rarity!) and also promote a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle. I wear my tights to Pilates, when I got for a run and sometimes even to work or out to lunch, they’re super comfy!

Michael and Jon started up Cheeta Recovery because they lost count of the amount of times they heard people say they were sick of paying outrageous amounts for their workout gear. “Why should you pay a premium to the big multinationals for something that helps you live a healthy and active lifestyle?” I couldn’t agree with them more!

Given my fascination with people who decide to take the leap and make a career out of their passion I really wanted to know more about these guys. So Michael was kind enough to answer some questions, which I know you’ll all enjoy reading. Continue reading

4 Books I’m Loving at the Moment

I love a good book or audio book, especially if it can educate, inspire and make me laugh all at the same time. So I thought I’d share 4 of my favourite books, in case you’re in need of some inspiration or just want something to talk about at your next dinner party.  Continue reading